The Teeken software

  • monitors one or more PLCs or PLC-like devices
  • catches events like alarms, process states, counters, value over limit, device offline, etc.
  • notifies personnel via e-mail, Twitter(*) or push notifications
  • logs events and process values into text files

Use cases are for example to

  • call service / maintenance personnel in case of process alarms
  • collect data for performance and availability analysis (OEE)
  • log alarms and events for implementation and start-up
  • periodically send out performance indicators by e-mail or notification

Read some detailed use cases for Teeken.

Teeken is explicitly designed for

  • small to medium applications without SCADA
  • production lines without personnel
  • distributed or off-site Anlagen
  • Implementation and start-up

Technically, Teeken

  • runs on 32 and 64bit Windows based computers (XP, Win7, Windows Server)
  • has a very small memory footprint
  • can be started automatically (Task Scheduler)
  • is portable, i.e. needs no installation, doesn't change registry, etc.

Teeken can communicate with

  • Simatic S7 PLCs via MPI or TCP/IP
  • ModbusTCP capable devices like Schneider-Electric Quantum, Atrium, etc.
  • OPC sources (in preparation)

One Teeken instance can connect to many devices.

Event / alarm triggers are

  • Process variable changes:
    • General change (value different from last read)
    • Absolut value difference above limit (deadband)
    • Below or above a given limit
    • Value becomes zero or non-zero
  • Timed events:
    • at certain time(s) every day
    • every n minutes, hours

Actions are

  • Push notification to smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.) using external services (cf. the How-To page)
  • E-Mail
  • Twitter(*), DM or tweet
  • Log into text files (CSV format) for Excel

One trigger can activate multiple actions, for example to send out

  • a push notification and log the event
  • the same alarm to more than one person
  • the same alarm over more than one channel (e-mail plus push)

Start, try-out, purchase

  • Use Teeken-Demo package, available for free download to get a feeling what Teeken can do
  • Ask for suggestions on how to use Teeken for your task
  • Purchase one of the production packages

Why is it called Teeken

Teeken is a plattdüütsche (northern german dialect) word for Sign or Signal.

Teeken acquires signals (alarms, events) from a process and sends signals to persons.

OTOH, it's just a cool and unusual word ;)

(*) Twitter in preparation. If you need this function, please contact me.

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